pietra nera lunga

Excellence at the highest level

Artworks are engraved on natural stone slabs of various kinds favouring those offer more aesthetic results and workmanship. All materials are used in indoor ambiences, while only few stones are suitable for exposure to atmospheric agents. For particular ambiences are used lightened stone slabs with certified honeycomb offering lightness, flexibility and resistance to compression.  The stones used come from various parts of the world, as for example, the Egyptian ‘papiro’, the ‘samarcanda’ from Tunisia, the ‘marquina’ from Spain, the ‘alberese’ from Chianti in Tuscany, the ‘bianca’ from Carrara, the ‘ardesia’ from Liguria, the ‘botticino’ from Apulia. Even if the pieces come from the same block one surface is never the same as another.  Every sculpture is unique: there will never be the same pattern, the same bas relief.  Size, weight, thickness, cut, are in reality, a moment of synthesis between the sculptor and his material: it is like a casual encounter and, like every story before it has been probed into deeply, there are a thousand variables, a thousand attempts, a thousand failures or misunderstandings between myself and my work.  But in the end the stones takes on a shape, a size, a different appearance.